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Which Wood Would You Choose?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

A new build or a kitchen remodel can be a lot for anyone. You see your dream kitchen in your head, maybe even on paper, but which wood do you choose? In this simple blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of the most popular woods used today. This list does not cover all available woods, as there are many that are more expensive and those that are less expensive.

wood cabinet door types

This list will merely give you a glimpse into the top three and why they are so commonly used. First up is Pine.

Pine is overall the most common wood used in cabinets today. Pine is one of the less expensive woods and overall, pretty durable. However, since it is so lightweight, and considered a softwood, it can be more susceptible to scratches and dents. Pine wood will give your room a more rustic look and is used by those trying to achieve a farmhouse feel. Pine wood is easy to work with when it comes to nails, staining, and painting. It holds color and stains well. It is not water proof as no wood is, but it is highly water resistant making it perfect for high humidity places such as the kitchen and bathroom.

oak wood cabinet door

Next is Oak. Who doesn’t love Oak!? Oak wood is considered one of the harder woods so it is perfect for turning into shelves that will hold heavy items. This weight also helps prevent dents and scratches, unlike Pine. There are two major types of oak wood to choose from - Red and White. The difference in these two types is the ability to be stained certain colors. The Red Oak has a red hue naturally, so it should not be stained white, grey, or light colors. White Oak has a natural beauty and usually looks amazing on their own and do not need to be painted. A light-colored stain will do the trick. Both Red and White Oak are very durable and easy to work with. They are both considered great for cabinets and doors. A couple of cons may be that Oak can be heavy, will darken over time, and is a bit more expensive.

poplar wood cabinet door

The last option we will discuss is Poplar. Poplar is by far the best choice if you wish to paint your cabinets. It absorbs paint well and accepts pretty much any color you want. Poplar reacts to paint well but not to stain. This is due to it’s fiber structure. If you choose to stain Poplar, you run the risk of producing a cabinet or door with a dull, blotchy surface. This fiber content also makes Poplar wood a poor choice for bathroom cabinets and doors due to the humidity. The wood will soak up the moisture and eventually warp over time. It is affordable and lightweight, so it really comes down to what your project is.

These are just a few of the more common types of woods that are used in cabinets and doors today. There are many more choices so make sure you do your research and do your homework. Find out what wood is going to work best for you and your family’s needs.

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