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Trending Bathroom Cabinet Colors

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Trending Bathroom Cabinet Colors blog

Having a pretty and updated bathroom is known to spark joy, and works wonders for your homes’ future resale value. As we talked about in THIS blog post, (about trendy kitchen cabinets) trends aren’t always a north star to follow. Although, they can be helpful in decision making, because they are typically rooted in reason. We don’t encourage trend following for the cool factor, but rather on personal preference and intentionality. Thankfully, there are a ton of great resources like blogs and social media to keep us all abreast of trials and errors, risks and rewards. Based on recent projects and a bit of market research, here are five of the most prevalent bathroom cabinet color trends.

Natural Wood Stain

Natural stained wood has really gotten a facelift in recent years. Previously thought of as rustic or antiquated, it’s now one of the most common bathroom vanity and cabinet requests. Although we don’t think you can go wrong with any natural wood, stain grade cabinet; we’re seeing a very strong lean towards a light or pale oak-almost sun bleached look. This is a great choice because it will really play well with almost any hardware and countertop material!

Wood toned bathroom cabinet colors

Creamy Warm White

Thanks to TV designers like Leanne Ford and Joanna Gaines, white remains in the top ranks of all cabinetry preferences, year after year. The difference that we’re seeing the most is that the modern white leans more yellow than blue. It seems to absorb the color around it, rather than reflect it. Think of a nice thick heavy whipping cream color. This is another great neutral color for your bathroom vanity and will result in a really beautiful, timeless look for your bathroom.

Rich Jewel Tones

In a very stark contrast to white or wood, we’re also seeing rich dark jewel tone cabinet colors in modern bathrooms. Jewel tones can be defined as deeply saturated hues derived from natural gems including sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green. These color choices cultivate a more moody bathroom vibe and are used most commonly in small powder baths and primary bath suites.

rich jewel tone bathroom cabinet color

High Gloss

Another way to add a high level of personality and sophistication to your bathroom cabinets and doors is to use or coat a very high gloss paint job. This makes the paint on your vanities really shine… giving the appearance that your piece might still be wet. This look isn’t for everyone, but we really love how it can up-level a simple cabinet piece into a chic high-end looking custom bathroom. Again, this finish works particularly well in a small powder bathroom, perhaps paired with a matte counter top inside of a beautiful patterned wallpaper.


For a while it seemed that black was a total thing of the past. But we have good news… black is indeed the new black! Maybe it’s the universal love of high contrast, veiny marble. Maybe it’s a decision of ease and cleanliness. Either way, black is back and we love it. Black bathroom cabinetry works well with a ton of different countertop and finishing options. Again, it can handle a very high touch, messy area. Making it a sophisticated yet simple choice!

Maybe you’re just daydreaming of new bathroom cabinetry, or maybe you’re on a hard deadline to decide paint colors for your newest space. We don’t always recommend choosing “of the moment” cabinet colors, but we also know that there is typically rhyme and reason to why certain color choices seem to happen in mass, and some don’t. We hope you found these recent bathroom cabinet paint color trends helpful!

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