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Repurposing Cabinet Doors

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The hard work is done. You have given your room a makeover by having new, custom cabinet doors installed. The question now is what to do with all of your old cabinet doors? There are so many ideas out there on the internet on how to repurpose cabinet doors. We picked a few of our favorites from Pinterest and other sites and decided to share them with you. So, grab your glue gun and favorite paint and let's get to work!

repurposing cabinet doors blog
  1. Display/Hanger

Do you or someone in the house, have some extra jewelry or festive hats lying around? Why not show them off? With this piece,

took the old cabinet door, had it sanded, painted and installed hooks with simple screws. This allows the piece to be hung on a wall in a decorative manner while showing off some of your favorite pieces and accessories!

repurposed cabinet door hanger

2. Shelf

This may cause you to have to purchase additional items, however, in the end it will be worth it! Here shows how to take an old cabinet door and turn it into a shelf. Legs are installed. The cabinet door is painted and that is pretty much it. This is a great idea to show off pictures around the house or larger displays like flower arrangements.

repurposed cabinet door shelf

3. Furniture

The folks over at, really thought outside of the box on this one. Not only did they repurpose the cabinet door, they created a whole new piece of functioning furniture. Overall, this is a simple design with the addition of legs. This piece is study and solid. Now just add some throw pillows and this would be a great conversation piece.

repurposed cabinet door furniture

4. Side Table

Sticking with the furniture theme,, did a great job on this design. They took old cabinet doors and turned them into a stunning side table. The paint and added shelves help to give this piece a rustic, farmhouse feel. Using the cabinet doors is also a great way to ensure this is a lightweight, moveable piece.

repurposed cabinet door side table

In conclusion, remember not to throw away those old doors. If you are crafty, have the time and patience, you can make just about anything by repurposing your cabinet doors. Check out Pinterest and other DIY pages to help inspire you on your next creation.

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