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Kitchen Trends for 2023

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

We don’t always recommend to our clients to follow trends… some are better than others, after all. We’re looking at you, shag carpet! However, the kitchen is an area where trendiness typically lends itself to efficiency. Meaning, a lot of modern kitchen cabinetry ideas go viral mainly based on their beauty and cleverness. In that case… trends can be very helpful. Based on work that we’ve done recently, what our potential clients are asking for, and by reading the large shelter magazines, here’s the kitchen cabinetry trends that we think you’ll see a lot of in 2023.

kitchen trends for 2023 blog

Mismatched Islands

This is a concept that is actually more rooted in history than modernity. Most colonial or georgian homes have a beautiful old work top table in the center of their kitchen. Sometimes it was used for dining, but mainly for chopping, gathering, and rolling the ingredients . The antique kitchen island is definitely making a comeback and we love it! This idea has also taken the form of simply changing the look of your custom kitchen island, in opposition with your wrap around upper and lower cabinetry.

A common example that we anticipate seeing more of in the coming year is a natural stone countertop on your wrap around cabinets, with a neutral colored panel. Then maybe a butcher block island atop of a fun spunky colored island base. Or even vice versa… how fun! What started as a commonality in the past has now reimagined what we consider possible in a kitchen.

Beautiful pantries

Maybe it was the organizational craze of the newest Netflix home shows that did this to us? Either way, pantries are far more prioritized in a cabinetry estimate, than they’ve ever been in the past. A lot of people are giving small dining rooms the boot, and trading that floorspace for a spacious, well structured pantry. We’re seeing beautiful floor to ceiling cabinetry even in the smallest pantry nooks, and we think that will become the new normal. Here’s to a place for everything and everything in its place in 2023.

open shelving kitchen trends

Innovative storage

Back to the concept of modern kitchen innovations, clever cabinet solutions are the perfect example. Picture all of the pots, pans, baking sheets, spices, and trivets that just never seem to fit well into any upper or lower cabinet. Now picture a perfectly concocted niche just for oils and spices, sheets and cutting boards, etc… how glorious? These solutions kill two birds with one stone when there are random spaces in the cabinetry plans that we can fill with unexpected drawers and doors. Sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks… and in this case, we’re filled with them!

deep drawers kitchen trends

Deep Drawers!

An unexpected trend that really took off in the last year or two, is the heavy preference of big deep lower drawers instead of cabinet doors. Thinking back to the idea of inconvenient kitchen items like pots and pans… we’re seeing a lot of people prefer those to be stored in big lower drawers instead of cabinets. Maybe it’s the convenience of the drawer coming out of the cabinet box and easier to reach? Maybe it’s just the aesthetic.

Hidden Appliances

We’re pointing blame to the endless stream of perfect photos that we see on Instagram and Pinterest. The look that a lot of people are wanting is a very clean, beautiful, decluttered, kitchen counter. But you can’t forget that you still need to brew the coffee and toast the bagel. Where do those smaller appliances disappear to in the said perfect kitchen, you ask? Enter: the appliance garage!

The appliance garage is the tower-like upper cabinet that extends all the way down the kitchen wall, onto the counter top. Usually there's a swing door or a breadbox style roll back door for the small to mid-sized appliance to park behind. It’s literally a little garage for your appliances. Albeit these aren’t “new” necessarily, we think they’re quite “in” based on the clean and minimal look that it gives to your kitchen. Be on the lookout for this custom option in a new kitchen near you!

appliance garage kitchen trends

Again, not all trends are great trends. But when it comes to the kitchen, there’s a special art to designing and creating a form and function that works well for your lifestyle, and looks pretty along the way. Most, if not all, of the common threads that we’re seeing on the horizon do just that!

Book a consultation with one of our custom cabinetry experts today to get the heart of your home, up to speed!

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