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Increasing Your Home’s Value with New Cabinetry

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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May is National Home Improvement Month, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about making changes that can increase your home’s value. One of the best ways to do this is by upgrading your cabinetry. New cabinetry can transform any room's look and feel, adding significant value to your home.

Here are some tips for increasing your home’s value with new cabinetry.

Choose high-quality materials

The materials you choose for your cabinetry can greatly affect how much value they add to your home. High-quality materials like solid wood, plywood, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are great choices because they’re durable, long-lasting, and look great. Avoid cheap materials like particleboard or laminate, as they won’t hold up as well over time and can actually decrease the value of your home. We’re thrilled to work with any of the above materials for your cabinet doors at Evan’s!

Upgrade your kitchen cabinetry.

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and it’s also one of the most important rooms for adding value. Upgrading your kitchen cabinetry can completely transform the room's look and make it more functional. Consider adding features like pull-out drawers, lazy Susans, and built-in organizers to maximize storage space and make your kitchen more efficient.

Add cabinetry to other rooms.

While the kitchen is a great place to start, adding cabinetry to other rooms in your home can also increase its value. Consider adding built-in bookcases or shelving to your living room or installing a custom entertainment center in your family room. These additions not only look great, but they also provide extra storage and can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Click HERE to read our post exploring all the unexpected cabinetry to consider in your home.

Choose a timeless design.

When choosing your cabinetry design, choosing something that will stand the test of time is important. While trendy designs may look great now, they can quickly become outdated and decrease the value of your home. Instead, choose a classic design that will look great for years to come.

Hire a professional.

Finally, when it comes to cabinetry installation, it’s important to hire a professional- like us! A professional can ensure that your cabinetry is installed correctly and looks great. We can also offer advice on design and materials, which can help increase the value of your home even more.

In the spirit of National Home Improvement Month, consider upgrading your home’s cabinetry. Upgrading your cabinetry is a great way to increase your home’s value. By choosing high-quality materials, upgrading your kitchen cabinetry, adding cabinetry to other rooms, choosing a timeless design, and hiring a professional, you can ensure that your investment pays off in the long run. So why not make May the month you start your home improvement journey.

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