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Four Types of Custom Cabinet Doors

Updated: Mar 8

Custom cabinet doors can add a unique touch to any kitchen or bathroom remodel. Not only do they allow you to personalize the look of your space, but they can also improve the functionality of your cabinets. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of custom cabinet doors, the benefits of choosing custom over pre-made options, and the process of ordering and installing custom cabinet doors.

There are several types of custom cabinet doors to choose from, each with its own unique style and characteristics. Some popular options include:

Shaker style doors: These doors have a simple, utilitarian design with a recessed center panel and a frame that surrounds the panel. They are a popular choice for both traditional and modern kitchens.

Raised panel doors: These doors have a more traditional look, with a raised center panel surrounded by a frame. They can add a formal touch to any kitchen.

Flat panel doors: These doors have a sleek, modern look with a flat center panel and minimal framing. They are a great choice for contemporary kitchens.

Glass panel doors: These doors have a center panel made of glass, which allows you to display items inside your cabinets. They can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

In addition to these styles, you can also choose from a variety of materials for your custom cabinet doors. Wood is the most popular choice, but you can also choose from materials like metal, plastic, and even recycled materials.

So why choose custom cabinet doors over pre-made options? One of the main benefits is the ability to personalize the look of your space. With custom doors, you have complete control over the style, material, and finish of your doors. This allows you to create a unique look that matches your personal taste and the overall design of your kitchen or bathroom.

Custom cabinet doors can also improve the functionality of your cabinets. For example, if you have a lot of oddly shaped or oversized items, custom doors can be made to fit the specific dimensions of your items. This can make it easier to store and access these items, improving the overall organization of your space.

In terms of the process of ordering custom cabinet doors, it's a good idea to start by doing some research and shopping around to find a company that offers the style and material options you're interested in. Once you've found a company you like, you'll need to provide them with the measurements of your cabinets. It's important to be as precise as possible with these measurements, as any errors could result in doors that don't fit properly.

Once you've placed your order, the company will typically provide you with a timeline for the production and delivery of your doors. The exact timeline will depend on the complexity of your order and the workload of the company.

When your custom cabinet doors arrive, it's time to install them. If you're comfortable with DIY projects, you may be able to install the doors yourself.

However, if you're not confident in your ability to do so, it's a good idea to hire a professional. Installing cabinet doors requires precise measurements and careful attention to detail, so it's important to make sure the job is done correctly.

Custom cabinet doors are a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen or bathroom and improve the functionality of your cabinets. With a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, you can create a unique look that perfectly fits your personal taste and the overall design of your space. Just be sure to do your research and take the time to get accurate measurements when ordering and consider hiring a professional for the installation process to ensure the best possible result.

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