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Keep Your Cabinet Doors Classic yet Playful in 2022

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Our team of craftsmen at Evans Cabinet Door is here to help you make your dream cabinet doors a reality while focusing on simple, classic features, beauty, and function. Keep reading for four cabinet trends of 2022 that are actually timeless, playful, and practical as you consider selecting and designing your new cabinet doors for your kitchen.

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White and Black Tuxedo Effect

The white and black tuxedo effect for your cabinet doors is always a classic choice. Dual-toned cabinets have been a favorite for homeowners and continue to be on-trend in 2022. By tuxedo effect we mean painting your cabinets white and black to work together to create an element of interest in your dream kitchen. There are a few things to consider when looking to apply the tuxedo effect. When choosing white for your cabinets, always keep in mind that dirt will more readily show and more cleaning time may be needed. Also, choosing black for the top cabinets and white for the bottom will make the space feel smaller and a little too heavy. Swap the colors and place the white cabinets on top and the black cabinets on bottom to create a more visually appealing and open space. Make sure the top and bottom cabinets are also close to even in dimension for the best results.

black and white classic cabinet doors

Glass, Glass, Glass!

Open panel cabinet doors with glass are another cabinet door trend for 2022. The cabinet doors are practical but not necessarily the focal point. It’s what’s inside your cabinets that will stand out. Showcase your holiday bowls or switch out the colors of your dishes for each different season. The possibilities are endless! The glass also gives a clean and fresh feel to your kitchen. Brighten your space by putting your glass cabinet doors next to a window. Another fun option is choosing glass with a subtle pattern or frosted effect. These simple touches will add a little more character to your timeless cabinets. A huge benefit is how easy they are to clean. Take some glass cleaner, wipe all dirt and fingerprints off, and you are done!

glass insert classic cabinet doors

Back to the Basics

Earthy and warm cabinets are in this year. Homeowners are also keeping it simple and going for natural wood like grained walnut, white oak, and subtle-grained ash for their cabinets in 2022. A different way to spice up the normal natural wood look is to add some texture. A distressed look with a little wear and tear will add charm to your kitchen. This also makes your cabinet doors practical as your family lives life together in the kitchen and uses them to the fullest.

wood tone classic cabinet doors

Add a Pop of Color!

If you prefer a more playful, fun look for your cabinet doors, you will be right on trend by adding a pop of color. It may seem a little scary but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know the Sherwin William color of the year is Evergreen Fog? Earthy, subtle greens are going to be big this year, giving your kitchen a jaw-dropper effect. Other traditional color options include charcoal, the beloved greige (warm grey + beige), earthy taupe, and the popular border-line neutral blue! Neutral colors with strong colors complement each other well and can move your kitchen to the next level.

colorful classic cabinet doors

Renovation is Over...Now to Cleaning!

A final factor to consider is finding the right cleaner for your cabinet doors. Lots of life and activity happen in the kitchen. Finding the right cleaner is not hard and thankfully doesn’t have to be “on-trend”. Depending on the wood type of your cabinets and if they are stained or painted, there are a couple of different options that will work. We recommend water and dish soap for most situations because it is easy on your cabinets. Also stay away from harsh chemical cleaners and choose a natural, safer solution to maintain the look of your cabinet doors for years to come.

cleaning classic cabinet doors

Contact Evans Cabinet Door Today! To start your kitchen cabinet door journey, contact our team at Evans Cabinet Door today at (979) 836-6934 or our contact page for a free in-home consultation. Visit to view our list of wood and cabinet style options.

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